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Version: 0.3



) ‑> str

Deploy the CLIKA State to the Format specified when the CLIKA state was created.


  • clika_state_path (Union[str, Path]) - Path to the CLIKA state directory or file
  • output_dir_path (Union[str, Path]) - Where to save the generated Model file
  • file_suffix (Optional[str]) - Any string to prepend to the filename
  • input_shapes (Optional[Union[list, tuple, List[list], List[tuple], Tuple[tuple], Tuple[list]]]) - Sequence or Sequence of Sequences that indicate the Input shape of the resulting Model. In the case of a single input model, you could pass tuple or a list such as: (1, 3, 224, 224) In-case of a multiple-input model, you could pass [(1, 3, 224, 224), (1, 3, 120)] corresponding to the input shapes that your model takes. A 'None' value represents dynamic shape.
  • graph_author (Optional[str]) - Optional string to specify who created the Graph for the Model on the resulting File
  • graph_description (Optional[str]) - Optional string to specify Description for the Model on the resulting File
  • kwargs (Optional[dict]) - Not used at the moment.


  • str: Path to the deployed Model